Bookshelves & Built-In Cabinets

The bookshelf cabinets and built-in items shown on this page are primarily intended to be examples of the range of work that I can do in this area.  Since every client's home is different, the design details and associated costs will always be tailored to your specific situations.  More so than even a piece of custom furniture, a properly designed and constructed built-in can totally change the character of a room.  Hopefully, the examples shown below will stimulate your "creative juices" as you consider the next project for your home.

Nearly all the built-in projects shown on this page were initially designed and rendered using my CabinetVision software.  Please visit the Cabinet Design page for more information on the advantages of this powerful tool.  Also, as you consider selecting me for your next built-in project, please take the time to review my policy on installation labor.  As stated there, quality installation is a big factor in the final outcome of a built-in project and my approach insures your long-term satisfaction.

When viewing the items below, click on any of the photos or names to see the details of that project.  Please scroll through this page or use these short-cuts to jump to a particular section:

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Painted & Glazed Bookshelves        Featuring stained maple upper bookshelves along with painted & glazed base cabinets, this expansive built-in wall unit houses a complete home theater and a concealed lighting system.

Cherry Home Library        This formal set of cherry bookcases are accented with arched top rails, fluted stiles, and a complete rolling ladder system that can be used to access the upper shelves on both sides of the library.

Contemporary Oak Bookshelves        Crafted from custom-ordered riftsawn red oak veneer, these contemporary bookshelves form an island in a dual use room, with office space on one side and a home theater on the opposite side of this island.

Contemporary Mahogany Bookshelves        Made from ribbon-stripe mahogany, these bookshelves in a client's home office were also designed to hold a home theater system with a 42" plasma screen.

Traditional Mahogany Bookcases        These hallway bookcases are built with classical elements such as arched-top glass doors, fluted pilasters, and coved moldings.

Built-In Cabinets

Bubinga & Mahogany Wine Alcove        Painstakingly installed in a narrow arched alcove adjacent to the client's main kitchen, this set of display and serving cabinets houses a wine storage fridge and features eye-popping 3D waterfall-bubinga veneer and color-matched mahogany lumber and door moldings.

Maple Pub Cabinets        As part of a significant renovation, the maple cabinets and bar countertop in this home pub were modified and expanded, along with the installation of new stainless steel appliances and a flat-screen TV.

Painted Bedroom Display Cabinets        These painted cabinets include traditional design elements such as arched top rails, beaded shelf edges, and crown molding and provide much needed display and storage space in this master bedroom.

Painted Playroom Cabinets        Maple cabinets in a glazed butternut painted finish make great children's playroom cabinets.

Maple Laundry Room Cabinets        These contemporary maple cabinets cleverly conceal a set of new, highly popular front-load washer and dryer, providing ample counter space for sorting and folding laundry.

Cherry Stereo Alcove        Designed to match the color and tone of  a set of  Curly Cherry Loudspeakers commissioned previously by the client, this cabinetry contains an audiophile-grade granite turntable, other electronic equipment, and portions of a large LP collection.

Arched Raised-Panel Cherry Doors        Built in conjunction with a complete cherry library for the client's home, this set of raised-panel arched top doors provides the perfect transition into the library and mirrors the arches found on the faces of the library bookshelves.


Classic Panel Wainscoting        Adds a distinctive look to formal rooms.

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