Bubinga & Mahogany Wine Alcove


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Though relatively small in size, this home renovation project was very challenging.  Located adjacent to the client's large kitchen, this arch-topped alcove was equipped as a small wet bar.  The plain white cabinetry, small solid-surface counter/sink, mirrored rear wall, and glass shelving were nice, but looked somewhat dated, especially compared to the recently upgraded kitchen.  The new alcove design, seen in the photos above, transitioned this space into a rich, "all wood" enclosure featuring custom bubinga veneer, plenty of accent lighting, and the addition of a high-end wine storage fridge.

Since the kitchen had been updated with dark-colored wood, mahogany was selected for this project.  However, due to it's high-traffic location and because of the unique arched opening, it was decided to upgrade the cabinetry with distinctive "waterfall" bubinga veneer, which has a striking three-dimensional appearance.  Both the countertop and rear wall of the alcove were adorned with this species and the remaining mahogany components (side walls, ceiling, shelving, trim, and moldings) were color-matched to the rich tones of the bubinga.  Halogen accent lighting, both in the ceiling panels of the alcove and hidden along the inner edges of the arched opening, accentuated the grain figuring in the  bubinga.

The narrow, arched-topped opening presented considerable hurdles throughout the installation process.  Removal of the old cabinets, countertop, and plumbing lines came first, but the cabinet and countertop had been thoroughly wedged inside the alcove.  After running new electrical connections for the stainless steel wine fridge and new accent lighting, the mahogany wall panels, shelving components, lighting elements, and countertop were then installed one section at a time.  The narrow opening prevented the assembly from being installed as one unit.  The base cabinet with slide-out storage rack was installed and then the stainless wine fridge was slipped into place.

Approximate Dimensions

44" wide, 96" tall, and 24" deep.

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Cabinet pricing is dependent on a wide variety of factors that can drastically alter the final cost.  Cabinet quantities/sizes, material selection, construction methods, accessories, and finishes all impact the pricing.  With the addition of the exotic waterfall bubinga veneered countertop and back wall, concealed halogen lighting system, removal of previous sink/cabinetry, and complicated cabinet installation procedures, this high-end wine alcove project cost approximately $4,900.

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