Arched Raised-Panel Cherry Doors


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While I do not regularly build full-sized doors (interior or exterior), this pair of arched raised panel cherry doors occurred as a natural follow-on project after the completion of the client's Cherry Home Library.  From the very start of the library project, the arched opening into that room played a part in the design process - the face frames on the bookcase sections at the head of the room were built with arched opening to mirror or repeat the design of the doorway.  Thus, it became a logical final step to fabricate and finish a set of arched-top doors that matched the library cabinets.  A traditional raised-panel design was selected, with dark iron hardware which matched the material used on the rolling ladder system in the library.

Installation of the new cherry doors and moldings was somewhat complicated.  Though the arched doorway into that room was already present, there had previously been no doors installed in that opening.  After removing the old dark-stained trim and moldings around the arched opening, the wall framing was reinforced to provide proper support for the new door hinges.  Cherry arched moldings and trim was then installed to fully encase the doorway, with a keystone element installed at the top as an extra visual accent.  Mortises were then cut for the door hinges and the raised panel cherry doors were finally installed.  The completed result, which mirrors the arches found on the faces of the library bookshelves, was the finishing touch to this entire home library project.

Approximate Dimensions

34" wide by 79" tall.

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Including removal of the old doorway trim and moldings, construction/finishing of the arched cherry doors, construction/finishing of the cherry moldings and trim outside the library and inside, and installation of all of the above, this project cost approximately $2,100.

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