Maple Pub Cabinets

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This project involved a significant remodeling effort to the cabinetry in an existing home pub.  The old maple cabinets and bartop were reconfigured (and in some cases relocated) to accommodate a new arched-top opening that was cut in the wall between the pub and an adjacent Home Theater.  A maple serving counter was fabricated and installed in the wall opening, allowing family and guests to enjoy the conveniences of the pub while still remaining in the home theater area.  Existing glass-front wall cabinets were moved to an adjacent wall and flanked with newly constructed cabinets to expand the available storage area.  In addition, an expanded set of new stainless steel appliances were integrated into the base cabinets, including a double-drawer dishwasher that is disguised via the use of matching maple drawer fronts.  Other upgrades in this project included the installation of all new granite tile countertops (with new maple edge moldings and backsplash caps), a wall-mounted flat-screen HDTV which receives it's feed from the adjacent home theater, and some enhanced window moldings for the leaded-glass windows in the pub.

The principal challenge in a complex remodeling project like this is to seamlessly match the various design details of the existing cabinets during the construction of the new components.  These details include the molding profiles on the raised panel doors and other trim pieces and most importantly, applying a finish to the new components that perfectly matches the color/tone/sheen of the existing elements.  Overcoming these challenges insures that the completed result looks as if it was all fabricated by the original manufacturer.  As can be seen in the photos above, this goal was achieved and the newly configured room is much more "user-friendly"  when entertaining family and friends.

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Cabinet pricing is dependent on a wide variety of factors that can drastically alter the final cost.  Cabinet quantities/sizes, material selection, construction methods, accessories, and finishes all impact the pricing.  Due to the pricing complexity of modifying existing cabinetry and adding new units, costs for this project are not shown here, but feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss a similar cabinet remodeling project in your home.

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