Customer Comments    


Hereís a sampling of the customer feedback that I have received over the years, along with some photos of the projects that are mentioned by the clients.  Please note that the last names of all individuals have been purposefully abbreviated to protect their privacy.  As you glance through these comments, you'll notice that many of them are from the same clients, who are repeat customers that have worked with me on multiple occasions for their furniture and cabinetry needs.  The fact that these valued customers keep coming back again and again tells me that Iím doing my job correctly!!

" I just saw it (Spencer had it lit for me) and found myself uncontrollably repeating "WOW", "WOW", "WOW", couldn't even get another more descriptive word out of my mouth without a few more "WOW"'s starting again.  That is the most dramatic piece of artwork I think I have ever seen.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."   Nancy & Spencer F.  ---  Mahogany & Curly Maple Dining Buffet

" Since I couldn't see you in person yesterday, it is very important for me at least to let you know by email how exquisite the boxes are.  Each one is very special and I appreciate the artistry that you put into each one of them.  They truly are heirlooms."   Nancy & Spencer F.  ---  Mahogany & Walnut Keepsake Boxes

" The mahogany chest on chest that you built for me is gorgeous.  .....  The veneers match for each drawer, the polish is subtle but gorgeous, and the trim details are exquisite.  The drawers operate smoothly and the hardware is functional, attractive, and timeless.  ..... You have created a piece of furniture that is heirloom quality and yet is perfectly suited to today's needs.  I could not have asked for more.  Feel free to use me as a reference."   Excerpts from a very nice thank-you letter received from Garett B.  ---  George III Mahogany Tallboy

" The cabinets and ladder look great - absolutely beautiful.  It makes the room...."   Jill & Duncan A.  ---  Cherry Home Library

" We absolutely love the way the pub looks - we are thrilled.  Thank you so much for all your work on this... "   Jill & Duncan A.  ---  Maple Pub Cabinets

" The cabinets look FANTASTIC!  Love them, love them, love them ! "   Jill & Duncan A.  ---  Cherry Home Theater Cabinets

" I love the wardrobe cabinets.  There's room for everything!  The color and design are perfect.  You did a wonderful job fulfilling my vision and adding your own touch.  Thank you! "   Nancy & Zane P.  ---  Painted Wardrobe Cabinets

" I just, literally, had to pry myself out of my chair which fits way too well for my own good.  You really gave the old wood new life.  The chairs are beautiful and look beautiful on the sunporch.  We both agree they are very comfortable chairs and we look forward to seeing what you will create next."   Kim & Geoff H.  ---  Cedar Adirondack Set  (Chairs for this client made from reclaimed heart pine lumber).

" Have I told you lately I love the kitchen??  It continues to go on and on.  Thanks again! "   Kim & Geoff H.  ---  Rustic Oak Kitchen Cabinets

" Everywhere we look in our home, we see you and your beautiful work.  WOW! "   Kim & Geoff H.  ---  Rustic Oak Harvest Table, Rustic Oak Sideboard, & Whimsical Cherry & Quilted Maple Bed

" The tables are a perfect balance of old and new, sturdy, yet light and elegant.  It really is a great design.  The whole room looks great with the addition. "   Kim & Geoff H.  ---  Rustic Oak Side Tables

" The bed is a great success.  It's very well made, and Neil is quite fond of it already.  The oak color is entirely satisfactory. "   Mike & Paula M.  ---  Oak Platform Bed

" Thanks again for doing such a great job with my bedroom.  I really appreciate it.  I canít wait to get started on the coffee table, the desk, and the wall-unit. "  Molham A.  ---  Concealed Home Theater       (As mentioned by the client, this project was followed up with the projects shown in the photos below)


" I am just beginning to get use to the new piece of furniture and I am very glad to have it.  As I said when you delivered it, it has been a very fine collaboration.  You have translated my wishes perfectly.  "   Barbara K.  ---  Triple-S Night Stand

" We really enjoy the shelves and started putting books on them that night! "     John M. & Johanna A.  ---  Traditional Mahogany Bookcases

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