Mahogany & Walnut Keepsake Boxes

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Highly-figured mahogany boxes with "flamed" mahogany crotch veneer lids



Mahogany box with white oak crotch lid  ---  Walnut box with walnut crotch lid



Two more walnut boxes with walnut crotch lids

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Commissioned in time for Christmas, this beautiful set of boxes was built to provide each member of the client's family with a commemorative keepsake.  Three boxes made from highly figured mahogany lumber, and featuring lids which utilize some stunning flame-patterned mahogany crotch veneer, were designed for each of the children.  They were sized to hold large photos and important family documents.  Two slightly-smaller boxes were made for the parents - a mahogany version with a lid featuring extremely rare white-oak crotch lumber and a walnut version with a lid made from walnut crotch.  The distinctive mahogany crotch veneer used for the three children's boxes came from the client's previous Mahogany & Curly Maple Dining Buffet project while the walnut lumber and crotch wood was native Georgia material that I harvested from the historic Tate House Mansion grounds.

The photos above depict the completed set of boxes, as well as two additional walnut boxes that were requested several months later for other close family friends.  The through-dovetail joinery used on the box corners is both decorative and functional, creating a very strong joint.  All boxes utilize solid brass hinges with a lightly antiqued patina which blend nicely with the dark colors of the box wood.

Approximate Dimensions

Dimensions for all these boxes were carefully derived using the Golden Ratio, which is a classically-derived mathematical relationship between different parts of an object's design.  In this case, the length, width, and height of the boxes are interconnected via the use of the Golden Ratio.

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$220 to $340 each, depending on box size, wood species and materials used, and construction details.

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