Bubinga Coffee Table    


(Click any photo for a close-up view)




(Click any photo for a close-up view)


This coffee table project was commissioned after the client previewed a finished sample panel of quilted bubinga veneer and became enamored with the material.  The quilted bubinga veneer has come to be known as waterfall bubinga due to the intense 3D "frozen waterfall" appearance of the grain pattern, as shown in the close-up photos above.  Unfortunately, the pictures still don't do justice to the manner in which the top of this table reflects the light as you walk around it.  The illusion of depth in the surface tends to be so great that most people will touch the surface of the table to verify that it's truly flat.

Keeping the captivating appearance of this unique veneer in mind, the design of the coffee table was approached from the standpoint of "let the wood do the talking".   The table top was crafted as a well-proportioned monolith with tall aprons that allow the grain pattern to cascade down the sides of the table using continuous pieces of veneer.  The veneer is laid up using a slip and turn matching pattern to create a beautiful repetition of the 3D grain pattern across the table top.  The design is capped off with a polished, ultra-gloss lacquer finish that magnifies the depth of the waterfall bubinga.

The base of the table was conceived to accentuate the unique nature of the veneered top.  Made from solid mahogany stained to complement the color of the bubinga, the leg assemblies incorporate some simple geometric shapes to make the design slightly more interesting.  Heavily proportioned to match the visual thickness of the table top, the legs are also designed so that the center geometric element can be removed if the client wants an even simpler visual look (see the second and third photos in the first row for both leg alternatives).

Finally, to provide an added functional nature to the table, the bubinga top is actually constructed of two sliding panels which conceal an internal storage section.  Magazines, remote controls, and other typical coffee table clutter can be quickly eliminated by sliding open the top, placing the items inside, and then closing the table.  The top panels are painstakingly aligned so that when closed, most people don't realize the table even performs this storage function.  The second row of photos above demonstrates the internal storage function of this unique coffee table.

Approximate Dimensions

48" long, 30" wide, and 20" tall.

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$1865 for the coffee table shown above.  Prices for other wood/veneer species will vary.

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