Signature Pieces    


As a custom furniture and cabinetry builder, my primary goal in every project is to meet the specific needs of each client and fully accommodate their tastes and preferences.  In achieving this goal, I typically set aside my personal preferences when it comes to design, materials, finishes, and so on.  After all, I'm not paying for the commissioned work and it's not going into my home, so my personal biases should not influence the work.

However, upon occasion, the client will entrust me with a larger degree of freedom when it comes to certain furniture/cabinet styles, design elements, species of wood, and types of finishes.  Oftentimes, a particularly beautiful set of lumber or veneer may form the basis for a unique project or in other cases it might be an innovative idea for recreating a traditional piece of furniture or cabinetry.  My guiding principle in creating these "signature pieces" can best be expressed in the words of Saint Francis of Assisi:

 "He who works with his hands is a laborer.

He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. 

He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist".

I make every possible attempt to put "heart" into all my projects, but the work highlighted on this page represents my greatest statements as a woodworking artist/craftsman.  Click on any of the photos or names below to see further details of that piece.

Fine Furniture

Mahogany & Curly Maple Dining Buffet        This stunning dining room buffet showcases four massive columns veneered with "flamed" mahogany crotch veneer along with curly maple caps and bridge sections, which incorporate concealed lighting for the mahogany columns.  As with the veneered writing desk described below, this project represents some of my finest veneering work.

George III Mahogany Tallboy        Designed and built to replicate original 18th century chest-on-chest designs, this tallboy has mahogany crotch veneered drawer fronts, ribbon-stripe veneered side panels, and contains some internal surprises as well.  Though outwardly it looks like a traditional chest-on-chest, it actually conceals a large flat-screen television, laptop computer, laser printer, and other electronics.  However, it was constructed in such a way that it can be converted back to a traditional tallboy in the future if required.

Veneered Writing Desk        Meticulously crafted from 3 different exotic veneer species, this writing desk has an ultra-contemporary appearance.  Empty spaces in the legs and between the top and the base give the desk a visually distinctive look.  This piece also represents the finest veneering and parquetry work that I've completed to date.  The desktop has been sprayed with 12 coats of high-gloss lacquer, all hand-sanded, and then polished to a glass-like finish.

Harvest Table        This striking table incorporates African black limba and wenge lumber into a harvest table design with a high-gloss lacquer finish.  While purchasing lumber, I came across a pair of very wide black limba boards with stunning grain patterns.  Not knowing what I would use them for, I purchased them anyway and kept them in my shop until the inspiration for this mixed-wood table finally hit me.  Luckily, only one of the wide limba boards had to be used, so I'm still contemplating what to do with the other one....

Bubinga Coffee Table        This signature project is a great example of combining highly unique wood veneer with some clever design ideas to create an innovative piece of custom furniture.  The contemporary coffee table design uses "waterfall" bubinga veneer and a solid mahogany base, together with hidden hardware that provides internal storage space for items like magazines, remote controls, etc.

Custom Cabinetry

Cherry Home Library        Although it's not apparent in the final installation, the unique characteristic of these formal cherry bookcases is that they are completely modular and can easily removed with simple hand tools.  Though they look fully "built-in", the clients can retain their investment in these beautiful cabinets by taking them along if they move to a new home.

Rustic Oak Kitchen Cabinets        These unique kitchen cabinets were crafted from 140 year old reclaimed white oak timbers, giving the wood a distressed appearance and deep golden patina not found in commercially available lumber.  Though it was difficult to envision the final result when the antique timbers were first being processed, patience and ingenuity has turned what might have seemed like junk into a one-of-a-kind kitchen.

Chairs & Benches

Bow-Arm Morris Chair        Craftsman style is my personal favorite - clean lines, flawless joinery, medium and dark tones.  I'm remodeling portions of my house in the Craftsman style and this chair blends perfectly into that theme.  If I had to name the single piece of furniture that I like building the most, this bow-arm Morris chair would be it!

Rustic "Live-Edge" Walnut Crotch Bench        Starting with two stunning pieces of bookmatched walnut crotch lumber, this bench was constructed with boards that all came from the same tree.  Every component of this bench still has "live edges", with the light-blonde natural edges of the boards blending into the rich, dark brown color of the walnut heartwood.  The symmetrical "feathery" pattern of the walnut crotch makes this bench truly one-of-a-kind!!

Ambrosia Maple Adirondack Chair        Ever since I started cutting ambrosia maple lumber, I've had a passion for this amazing wood.  The rustic flavor of the lumber lends itself perfectly to rustic furniture designs.  Adirondack style fits this bill, but I've also tried to take the design more upscale by using a sophisticated, curved chair design and also taken the trouble to bookmatch the lumber in the back and the arms to give the rustic design a more elegant look.

Decorative Items

Hollow Spiral Candlesticks        Since mastering the ability to create these delicate designs, I've been fascinated by the creative possibilities of hollow spiral turnings.  These candlesticks have proven to be a popular design with many customers.

Spiral Display Stand        This display stand also makes use of the hollow spiral design and is used to exhibit a polished Italian marble sphere.  When the chance presents itself, I'm always looking for opportunities to create mixed media pieces that incorporate wood as well as other materials such as stone, marble, etc.

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