Ambrosia Maple Adirondack Chair




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These gracefully curved Adirondack chairs are one of my best-selling pieces.  With a reclining back position and contoured seat, you can comfortably sit in them for hours.  They are the perfect furniture choice for outdoor decks, sun porches, and garden areas.

The ambrosia maple version of the Adirondack chair shown on this page is exclusive to Heirloom Woodcrafting and is one of my Signature Pieces.  The inherently rustic appearance of my ambrosia maple lumber accentuates the rustic design elements of the Adirondack furniture.  However, a touch of understated elegance is added to this piece by carefully bookmatching the lumber in the arms and the back slats of the chair.

The chair is assembled with water-proof exterior glue AND solid (not plated) stainless steel screws, which will never corrode or cause black streaks in the wood like other fasteners.  The nature of ambrosia maple lumber requires that I add an exterior spar varnish finish to the chair.  This finish greatly extends the original appearance of the maple lumber, although it should be recoated with varnish approximately every 5 years, depending on exposure to the elements.  While this chair can certainly be used outdoors, I recommend that it be used on covered porches or decks where exposure to moisture can be minimized.

Approximate Dimensions

39" high, 29" wide, and 36" deep

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Due to it's unique/distinctive nature, this project is included in my Signature Pieces collection of work.  Feel free to visit that page to learn more.


$345 per chair, plus $40 for 3 coats of exterior spar varnish for added protection from the elements.

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