Quilt Rack    



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Crafted from ambrosia maple lumber, this quilt rack was commissioned by a client to match a rustic pine bedroom suite.  It has been sized to fit at the foot of a bed to decoratively display a family heirloom quilt.  All lumber used in this project was harvested from the same ambrosia maple log, giving it a uniform color and grain pattern.  The end posts are fashioned from large pieces of solid ambrosia maple, which are turned with matching barley twist spirals.  The horizontal rails are attached to the end posts using keyed tenons, allowing the entire rack to be easily disassembled, if necessary.

To meet other client needs, this quilt rack can easily be fashioned from other wood species and the shape/design of the end posts can be modified in numerous ways.  Please contact me if you'd like to discuss your specific needs.

Approximate Dimensions

30" tall and 52" wide


$495 for the ambrosia maple version shown above.  Prices for other wood species will vary.

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