Rustic "Live-Edge" Walnut Crotch Bench

This item is available for immediate purchase as part of my limited Inventory.  See the photos, description, and pricing below.

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(Click any photo for a close-up view)


While creating a group of Mahogany & Walnut Keepsake Boxes for a customer, I began to inspect and machine some figured black walnut lumber which I had harvested years earlier from the historic Tate House mansion grounds in north Georgia.  You can learn more about that amazing house/property and the wood which was obtained from those grounds at this link.  In particular, the group of boards from the highly-figured crotch-section of the tree were designated for use in the keepsake boxes.

However, from the time that lumber was originally cut and kiln-dried, I knew that a very special project needed to be selected for the pair of boards taken from the heart of the walnut crotch section.  As you can tell from the close-up photos above, the "feathery" pattern of the walnut crotch grain extends for about 18" down from the crotch of the tree and is highlighted/framed by the light blonde sapwood of the tree.  Since Mother Nature had put so much work into creating these special boards, I decided to keep this project as close to her "original design" as possible - a rustic live-edge bench which showcases the feathery walnut crotch grain.

Because the two crotch boards are sequentially cut and nearly identical, the junction between them (when placed end-to-end on the bench top) almost disappears, as seen in the photos above.  Paired together, these two pieces of lumber become the seating surface for the bench.  Other boards cut from the same tree, still with their live-edge blonde sap grain showing, are used for the other elements of this unique bench.

Though it's somewhat hard to tell from the photos, this bench is over 5 feet long and will comfortably seat 3 to 4 people.  All of the organically-shaped board edges are fully rounded over and sanded - they almost resemble driftwood in their smooth character.  The entire bench is finished in a subdued satin sheen with no staining, allowing the light to bring the dramatic grain to life.  This piece is designed primarily for indoor use only, though it could be carefully placed on a covered porch if desired.

Approximate Dimensions

64" long, 17" wide, and 21" tall.

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$790 for the walnut crotch bench shown on this page - Available for immediate purchase.  Prices will be lower for similar benches which do not utilize such distinctive and rare lumber.

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