Limba & Wenge Harvest Table

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This unique harvest table did not start out as a "dining table project", but rather as a pair of wildly-figured, extra-wide black limba boards (imported from Africa) that I came across at a lumber store.  As a passionate woodworker, I often gravitate towards unique lumber that I find at my local hardwood supplier, especially the imported exotic species.  I'll buy unique boards even if I have no immediate use for them, assuming that at some point I'll find the perfect project for a particular piece of lumber.  This scenario played out in the case of this project.

Several months after buying the black limba boards, I happened to be working with some African wenge on another project in the shop when I noticed that the unique coloring in the black limba was very similar to the color/tone of the wenge.  After laying some of the wenge next to one of the limba boards on my workbench, the idea for a tabletop was born.  Between commissioned projects, I would experiment with different methods of mixing the two exotic species together in order to create the most interesting visual pattern.  I finally settled on the wenge "triple stripe" pattern seen in the photos above to mix together with the black limba lumber.

The rest of the table design was derived from the Rustic Oak Harvest Table made for a client.  I was very pleased with the outcome of that table project and reused many of the design elements, especially the arched aprons, with only minor modifications.  Since I was mixing two contrasting wood species, the table aprons and legs also provided a good opportunity to continue that combination.  In particular, carrying the small wenge bull-nose molding at the bottom of the aprons around the black limba legs provided a nice design element (see second row of photos).

To create a more formal appearance to the table, and to highlight some of the figured grain in the black limba (see bottom row of photos), I applied 10 coats of high-gloss lacquer to the table top and then polished it glass smooth.

Approximate Dimensions

60" long, 38" wide, and 30" tall.

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$1945 for the table shown above.  Prices for other wood species or other table sizes will vary.

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