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The bow-arm Morris chair is considered by many experts to represent the design pinnacle of the Arts & Crafts furniture movement.  The long, graceful arc of the chair's arms are complemented by the arched front and rear stretchers.  As a forerunner of the modern recliner, this Morris chair has an adjustable backrest which can be placed in 4 different positions.  The upholstered cushions are very wide, as are the armrests themselves, allowing you to sit comfortably in this chair for hours.  The matching ottoman lets you prop your feet up for even greater comfort.

I build this chair using traditional mortise-and-tenon joinery, which is extremely strong and durable.  The leg posts, side stretchers, and front/rear stretchers all use through-tenon joints, which add to the strength of the chair while providing interesting design elements as well.  In fact, the joinery used to build this chair is so strong that I have "dry fit" the entire chair (assembled using no glue in the joints) and sat in it with no hesitation.  As a final commitment to the intended longevity of this chair, all the tenon joints are pinned with wooden dowels during final assembly, insuring the joints can never work loose, even after decades of use.  Not even one single screw or nail goes into the construction of this piece of fine furniture.

The chair seen in the photos above is built using traditional quartersawn white oak, which has the characteristic "ray-flecks" that catch and reflect the light.  Finished in a deep golden-brown stain and coated with satin-sheen lacquer, I call this color my "firelight finish" because it simply looks stunning in softly lit settings.  You can also get the bow-arm Morris chair built using cherry lumber, which will attain a deep red hue as it ages.  Finally, the chair is available in red oak for those who may be trying to match other oak furnishings already in their home.

Approximate Dimensions

The chair is 42" high, 34" wide, and 40" deep.  The ottoman is 19" length, 15" wide, and 13" high.

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$2275 for the quartersawn white oak chair seen in the photos above.  The matching ottoman is $475.  Upholstery charges on both pieces are extra.

$2395 for the cherry version of this Morris chair.  The matching cherry ottoman is $495.  Upholstery charges on both pieces are extra.

$1995 for the red oak version of this Morris chair.  The matching ottoman is $395.  Upholstery charges on both pieces are extra.

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