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Similar to the increasing trend towards dedicated Home Theater rooms, home offices are now commonplace in my client's homes.  Today's information-based economy and it's associated professions now allows many people to work from home, at least part of the time.  To maximize productivity while in use, the home office environment tends to demand many of the same features found in commercial office spaces, such as:

What differentiates the home office, from a furniture/cabinetry point of view, is the typical desire on the client's part to make the room and it's furnishings slightly less "sterile" than the average office space.  This preference results in a greater use of wood surfaces (versus Formica and vinyl-covered work surfaces), a more furniture-like appearance (versus the modular wall systems seen in commercial offices), and a general tendency to make the home office match the decor found in other rooms in the house.

Luckily, over the past 3-5 years, manufacturers have created an incredibly wide range of customized cabinet/furniture hardware to achieve many of the home office goals listed above.  These hardware innovations cover areas such as ergonomic computer use, electronic equipment storage/concealment, cable management, and numerous possibilities for the storage of files, media, and other office supplies.  The variety of these solutions makes it much easier to customize a home office design to meet the specific needs of each client's home.

All the home office projects shown on this page were initially designed and rendered using my CabinetVision software.  Please visit the Cabinet Design page for more information on the advantages of this powerful tool.  Also, as you consider selecting me for your home office project, please take the time to review my policy on installation labor.  As stated there, quality installation is a big factor in the final outcome of a project and my approach insures your long-term satisfaction.

When viewing the items below, click on any of the photos or names to see the details of that project. 

Contemporary Oak Home Office        This home office cabinetry is crafted from custom-ordered riftsawn red oak veneer and includes a massive 10' long computer workstation as well as file and office supply storage.

Maple & Cherry Home Office        These maple cabinets, capped by cherry work surfaces, are built using frameless construction to give a clean, contemporary look to the client's home office.

Painted Office Cabinetry with Walnut Desktop        A set of painted custom cabinets transform this small alcove into an efficient home office space, accented by a distressed and glazed solid walnut desktop.

Veneered File Storage Cabinet        Built to match the aesthetics of a Veneered Writing Desk commissioned previously by the client, this small file storage cabinet sits on hidden casters so it can be easily moved in relation to the desk.

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