Contemporary Oak Home Office

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This contemporary home office project was made up of two parts:  a massive computer workstation with associated cable management system and a large office supply storage cabinet with removable countertop that also captures 4 metal filing cabinets.  Several other related projects for home bookshelves and home theater cabinetry were built at the same time (see project links at the bottom of this page).  In order to visually tie all the cabinet projects in this room together, a large bundle of custom-made veneered plywood was ordered.  A full flitch of rift-sawn red oak veneer, which has an extremely straight grain pattern, was laid up on the plywood, ensuring a very high degree of grain similarity and color consistency across all projects.  The results achieved through this process are evident in the project photos shown above.

As shown in the top two rows of photos, the phrase "computer workstation" doesn't quite capture the extent of this unique cabinet project.  Measuring over 10' long, this extra-large desk houses a tower computer in the left-side oak pedestal and three spacious drawer boxes in the right-side pedestal.  Placed between these pedestals, in the seating area of the desk, is an extra-wide 5' long retractable worksurface - merely calling it a keyboard tray would be an understatement.  The unsupported five-foot long span at the center of the workstation is so wide that 3 pieces of square metal tubing were engineered into the core of the formica-covered worksurface for maximum rigidity.  The computer components in the left pedestal ride on a full-extension pull-out tray to facilitate easy access to the computer wiring.  In addition, both the computer tray and the retractable worksurface include articulating cable management arms to prevent all the wiring exiting those sections of the cabinetry from becoming tangled when the cabinetry is opened and closed.  Finally, all the wiring for the numerous computer and electronic components housed in this workstation are captured inside an 8' long cable management tray mounted behind the two oak pedestals.  Literally dozens of power and data cables are neatly organized and kept out of sight through the use of this ingenious workstation accessory.

The other element of this home office installation is a tall supply storage cabinet with an integral oak countertop component that caps both the supply cabinet as well as four traditional metal file storage cabinets.  The oak supply cabinet was custom-built to match the height and depth of the metal file cabinets and the matching countertop effectively ties all the pieces together, both visually and structurally.  These features can be seen in the bottom row of photos above.

Approximate Dimensions

Computer workstation is 118" wide, 30" tall, and 30" deep.  File storage cabinet is 30" wide, 52" tall, and 20" deep.

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Cabinet pricing is dependent on a wide variety of factors that can drastically alter the final cost.  Cabinet quantities/sizes, material selection, construction methods, accessories, and finishes all impact the pricing.  The computer workstation and file storage cabinet shown on this page cost approximately $3,900 for construction and installation labor and $500 for the specially manufactured riftsawn red oak veneer plywood used in this project.

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