Contemporary Oak Home Theater

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(Click any photo for a close-up view)


This contemporary home theater setup is comprised of three cabinet elements:  an AV platform and back wall (which sits behind a set of "island" bookcases - see project link at the bottom of this page for more details); a set of media shelving in a wall alcove for storing CDs and DVDs; and an extendable AV stand mounted on the AV platform which holds a large television and numerous electronic components.

The AV platform sits on risers mounted on the concrete floor, allowing power and data cabling to pass underneath the finished platform top.  This cabling arrives from the ceiling via the four hollow-core vertical partitions which support the bookcase structure.  The bottom-right photo above shows those partitions with the vertical cover panels removed during wiring installation.  Wiring from underneath the AV platform emerges via a cable tray with installed grommets that runs along the back edge of the platform.  The wiring then passes into the back side of the moveable AV stand.

The AV stand itself is a nice piece of engineering.  Mounted securely to the AV platform, the stand supports a massive 65" DLP television and 8 separate AV components (DVD player, multiple DVRs, laser disc player, etc.).  The entire AV stand can be easily moved forward to better access the wiring at the back of the components - this is accomplished through the use of four sets of 200 pound capacity full-extension drawer slides.  If you look at the photos above, the top-left image shows the stand in it's normal position and the bottom-left image shows the stand fully pulled out.  The bottom-center image shows the rear of the stand and the ability to access the component wiring - the cable tray in the back of the AV platform can also be seen.

Finally, as seen in the top-right image, this home theater installation included a large media storage shelving unit, which was installed in a small alcove so that's it is flush with the surrounding walls.  Like the top of the island bookcase structure, this cabinet has a decorative display area at the top with recessed lighting.  The lower portion of the shelving is configured for highly efficient media storage, with the fixed shelves in the cabinet separated by either one or two adjustable shelves to accommodate either CD cases or DVD cases.

Approximate Dimensions

AV platform is 123" wide, 120" tall, and 13" deep.  Media shelving in wall alcove is 32" wide, 120" tall, and 8" deep.

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Cabinet pricing is dependent on a wide variety of factors that can drastically alter the final cost.  Cabinet quantities/sizes, material selection, construction methods, accessories, and finishes all impact the pricing.  The AV platform, retractable AV stand, and media storage shelves shown on this page cost approximately $2,900 for construction and installation labor (with extensive wiring work) and $500 for the specially manufactured riftsawn red oak veneer plywood used in this project.

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