Closets & Wardrobe Cabinets

The closet and wardrobe cabinets shown on this page are primarily intended to be examples of the range of work that I can do in this area.  Closet cabinets are one of the most highly requested areas of home improvement in today's market.  Space is always at a premium in most closets, so squeezing every bit of added storage space out of those rooms is one of the principal concerns.  Better organization and a less cluttered look also rank high on the list for closet upgrades.  And finally, in some cases, closet space doesn't actually exist in the room, giving rise to the dedicated wardrobe cabinetry that you see is some of the examples below.

I often find that my closet projects involve the removal/replacement of the modular wall-hanging closet organizers that many closet companies are installing.  While those systems look good in theory and appear ok immediately after installation, their long-term durability is often quite low.  Usually constructed from laminated particle-board, glued-on edge-banding, and low-end hardware, those modular systems rarely withstand the wear and tear associated with daily closet use.  So while the up-front cost may be higher, investing in a quality set of closet cabinets is a better long-term investment and helps preserve your home's value.

Since every client's home is different, the closet design details and associated costs will always be tailored to your specific situations.  A properly designed and constructed set of closet cabinets can totally change the usefulness and character of those often overlooked rooms.  Hopefully, the examples shown below will stimulate your "creative juices" as you consider the next project for your home.

Nearly all the closet and wardrobe projects shown on this page were initially designed and rendered using my CabinetVision software.  Please visit the Cabinet Design page for more information on the advantages of this powerful tool.  Also, as you consider selecting me for your next closet project, please take the time to review my policy on installation labor.  As stated there, quality installation is a big factor in the final outcome of any cabinet project and my approach insures your long-term satisfaction.

When viewing the items below, click on any of the photos or names to see the details of that project.

Cherry Closet Cabinets        Incorporating formal elements such as crown molding and dovetailed drawer-boxes, these elegant cherry closet cabinets make maximum use of all available space.

Maple Closet Cabinets        Maple cabinets dramatically increase the usable space in this closet while giving it a very clean, contemporary look.

Painted Wardrobe Cabinets        This large set of bedroom wardrobe cabinets provide a significant amount of clothing storage space and conceal a television set.

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