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This closet storage project was driven by the need to more efficiently utilize an odd-shaped closet adjacent to a home office/guest bedroom.  The back section of the closet was deep (greater than 6 feet) but relatively narrow (less than 4 feet), making it difficult to use with traditional closet organizer systems.  Two alcoves on either side of the closet entrance were also under-utilized with simple "California Closet" style cabinet systems.  A customized maple cabinet installation was designed with clean contemporary lines to better optimize the space and upgrade it's appearance.

The biggest challenge in converting this space was the rear storage area.  A single, large cabinet nearly 4 feet deep was constructed with multiple sections and unique hardware components to fully utilize this extra-large space.  Large aromatic cedar trays with full-extension drawer slides were installed at the bottom of the left side to provide convenient access to this lower section (see top row of photos above).  To exploit the upper part of this cabinet, a custom-made telescoping clothes rod was fabricated using heavy-duty, 300 pound capacity full-extension slides (see second row of photos).  This option makes it possible to conveniently store out-of-season clothing and yet easily access those items when necessary.  The right side of this large cabinet was utilized for bulk storage items such as pillows, blankets/comforters, and luggage.

The alcove on the left side of the closet was converted to high-end storage for guest clothing.  Adjustable upper shelving, clothes rods, and a base cabinet with aromatic cedar dovetailed drawer boxes.  See the third row of photos above for details of this closet section.

Finally, the right-side alcove was designed for storage of home office related items such as a printer/copier on a wireless network, media and file storage drawers, and adjustable upper shelves for books and manuals.  See the bottom row of photos above for the configuration of this closet section.

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Cabinet pricing is dependent on a wide variety of factors that can drastically alter the final cost.  Cabinet quantities/sizes, material selection, construction methods, accessories, and finishes all impact the pricing.  The maple closet cabinets shown on this page cost approximately $3,675, including materials, labor, numerous upgrades and installation.

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