Picture Frames    


Picture frames are a highly competitive business and the only aspect of this market in which I operate is the creation of truly unique frames.  Frames for large, oversized paintings/artwork is one area I can assist you.  Solid wood frames made with rustic lumber species such as ambrosia or spalted maple are another unique offering I provide.

When viewing the items below, click on any of the photos or names to see the details of that piece.  Please scroll through this page or use these short-cuts to jump to a particular section:

Traditional Frames        Contemporary Frames

Rustic Frames

Traditional Frames

Walnut Frame        Solid walnut frame with natural finish.  Available in other fine hardwood species such as cherry, mahogany, etc.

Mahogany Framed Brass Serving Tray        In order to preserve this family heirloom, an intricately engraved brass serving tray was polished, lacquered, and then captured within a beautiful custom-made mahogany frame.

Contemporary Frames

Large Wenge Frame        Solid wenge frame for a beautiful contemporary painting.

Contemporary Wenge Picture Frame        Tastefully framing this contemporary artwork, the wenge lumber complements the color/tone of the painting.

Rustic Frames

Ambrosia Maple Frame        "Wormy" maple lends a distinctly rustic look to this frame.

Spalted Maple Frame        Spalted maple also provides a very rustic appearance.

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