Mahogany Framed Brass Serving Tray


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This framing project was very enjoyable because it captures the essence of my woodworking business - building something that becomes (or in this case, preserves) a family heirloom.  The client owned an intricately engraved brass serving tray which had been passed down from his parents, though it was tarnished and slightly bent in some places.  I spent time flattening and fully polishing the solid brass, which restored the tray to it's original luster.  Several coats of high gloss nitrocellulose lacquer were then applied to the tray to preserve the polished appearance.  This type of lacquer can be easily removed from the brass if required.  Once restored, a beautiful custom-made solid mahogany frame was created to display the frame, and special mounting brackets were crafted to capture the tray without harming the metal in any way.  When hung on the wall of the client's dining room, this tray became a beautiful conversation piece.

Approximate Dimensions

Frames are sized to your specific requirements or those dictated by the artwork - in this case the brass tray determined the required size of the mahogany frame.

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