Home Theater Installation Services

In my spare time, I read extensively about the rapidly evolving developments in the following areas of modern home theaters:

Primarily, I follow this area of technology to keep my own personal home theater state-of-the-art.  However, this research also allows me to help my customers select the best possible components for their home theaters and install them as well.   As you can see on the Home Theater page, I've not only completed the woodworking for a number of home theaters, but I've helped select, install, and tune the electronic components as well.

Most homeowners don't realize that theater installation isn't simply a matter of properly cabling/connecting all the components.  The unique shape of each home theater, combined with the various wall/floor coverings used in the room, creates acoustical characteristics that must be compensated for through proper system tuning.  I utilize a number of different home theater configuration DVDs, along with RGB light filters and sound level meters, to adjust the lighting levels of the display screen and sound levels of the speaker package.  Although time consuming, this approach results in the most convincing, immersive A/V experience possible from each home theater system.  It's truly startling to compare the performance of even an average home theater system before and after proper tuning.  Make the most out of your investment by taking the time to have this work completed.

Cabinet Design Services

As described in more detail on the the Cabinet Design page, I utilize a very powerful piece of computer software for use in my cabinet design work.  This software is relevant to almost any type of cabinetry application including kitchens, baths, home offices, home theaters, libraries, and so on.  On a number of occasions, I have been asked to design, but not build, a particular cabinetry project using this software.  Although I still charge a design fee for my time, I'm happy to provide this service.  Please contact me for more details.

For those local woodworkers who are thinking of building cabinets for their own home, you can make use of my services to create a complete set of cabinet plans, panel optimization, material cut lists, and assembly diagrams.  The money spent on these services is more than covered by your own time savings during the design phase, the accuracy of the part sizing, and the material savings from the panel optimization process.  These are the very reasons that I use the tools in my business.

Sawmilling Services

As described in greater detail on the Custom Sawmilling page, I cut a great deal of my own lumber for use in my furniture and cabinetry projects.  From time to time, I also cut logs for people who are looking for specialized lumber in their own woodworking activities.  In these situations, you need to have the ability to transport the log(s) to my location.  I no longer transport my sawmill to remote locations or attempt to move logs for my sawmilling clients.  If you can get them to my location, I'm able to not only saw the logs to your specifications, but also kiln dry the lumber so it can be used for your woodworking projects.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss a sawmilling project - I can assess my available time to complete your sawing work and discuss my rates.

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