Antique Pistol   Display Cases

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These wooden boxes were built as storage and decorative display cases for three antique pistols owned by the client, with the intent of passing these collectables down to his grandchildren as family heirlooms.  This kind of project is right in line with the intent (and the name.....) of my business.  As seen in the photos above, three cases were made in total, two of which hold black powder revolvers (along with their associated accessories) and a third case which holds an early cartridge-style revolver and 50 rounds of ammunition.  All three boxes include custom-fitted velvet-lined inserts which are not only functional but beautiful as well.

One of the exciting aspects of building decorative boxes like these is the ability to use exotic lumber species that may otherwise be cost-prohibitive in larger projects.  In this case, exotic cocobolo lumber was used for the box sides and the frames of the box lids.  In addition, some local Atlanta dogwood lumber (acquired by the client) was used on the lids of the black powder pistols and some chestnut lumber was used for the lid of the cartridge revolver box.  Finally, the corners of the boxes were constructed with through-dovetail joinery (for beauty and longevity) and polished brass hinges and hasps which were installed to complete these heirloom cases.

Approximate Dimensions

12" long, 9" wide, and 3" deep.

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$240 to $350, depending on size and wood species used, as well as the complexity of the custom-fit velvet liners.

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