Antique Mirror Clock    


This item is available for immediate purchase as part of my limited Inventory.  See the photos, description, and pricing below.


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This piece combines the functional elements of both a clock and a mirror into one antique package.  It's perfect for a hallway, an entryway, or anywhere in your home that you may need a mirror.  The distressed, crackled paint finish on this clock is painstakingly created by hand, requiring 9 separate finishing steps to achieve the look shown in the photos above.  The degree of distressing (small dents, dings, and holes in the wood) can be adjusted to suit your tastes and the amount of crackling in the paint can also be controlled.  These antiqued effects created in the paint match perfectly with the aged look of the clock face itself.

The mirror is a beveled edge design and comes in a stock height of 48", which gives an adult a head-to-toe reflection when mounted at the proper height on the wall.  If required, other mirror dimensions can be incorporated.

Approximate Dimensions

70" high, 21" wide, and 3.5" deep.  The beveled-edge mirror itself is 48" tall by 12" wide.

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$385 with standard-sized 48" mirror.  Prices for other mirror dimensions will vary.

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