Pine Chest of Drawers    




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Although rustic in overall appearance, especially with the "wrapped twig" drawer handles, the bookmatched side panels and drawer fronts on this chest give it a distinctly understated elegance.  This effect is also achieved with the contoured edges of the solid wood top and the base molding.  The boards on the top of the chest have been selected so that the grain pattern of the sides seems to flow up and over onto the top and then down the other side.  At the client's request, I also selected boards which contained knots to amplify the rustic feel of the design.  Finally, it has a honey-amber lacquer finish, which in this case was color-matched to other furniture in the room.

Epitomizing my general approach for building heirloom quality furniture, all lumber for this chest came from the same log, and in fact were sequenced sets of boards to achieve the bookmatching shown in the photos above (see close-up views for more details).  The eastern white pine, which can very often be difficult to stain evenly, has a consistently uniform color and warmth due to the care taken in using log-sawn lumber.  This effect could be similarly achieved in other wood species such as cherry, walnut, or oak.

Structurally, this chest has been designed to last a lifetime.  Sliding dovetail construction is used on the drawer dividers and the base molding, which allows the solid wood side panels to freely expand and contract with changes in humidity.  Fully-dovetailed drawer box construction insures the drawers will remain square and solid.  Dust panels are set into each drawer divider, protecting the contents of each drawer.  Massed produced furniture rarely incorporates these construction elements due to the complexity involved.

Approximate Dimensions

42" tall, 32" wide, and 18" deep.  Drawers are approximately 8" deep.

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$1250 for the pine chest shown above.  Prices for other wood species will vary.

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