Maple & Wenge Bible Box


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These boxes are specifically designed and sized to protect cherished family bibles.  One of the exciting aspects of building decorative boxes like these is the ability to use exotic lumber species that may otherwise be cost-prohibitive in larger projects.  Intriguing wood combinations can be used, including the African wenge plus curly maple version seen in the photos on this page.  Please take a look at the close-up photos to fully appreciate the beauty of these distinctive woods.

The through-dovetail joinery used on the box corners is both decorative and functional.  By using contrasting wood species, you can appreciate the details of the dovetail joints and the precision with which they fit together.  Similarly, the box lids are built with raised center panels, allowing the wood species to be combined and providing further visual interest to the design.

These boxes are felt lined to protect the bible and the bottom of the box is also covered with felt to prevent any marring of the surface it is placed on.  These boxes utilize polished, solid brass hinges which are recessed so they are nearly invisible from the outside.  A solid brass chain is also used to hold the lid in it's open position (see photo above).

Approximate Dimensions

These boxes are sized to fit the family bible that will be placed inside.

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$145 to $175, depending on size and wood species used.

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