Antique Clocks with Distressed Frames

Selected items on this page are available for immediate purchase as part of my limited Inventory.  Please review the photos, descriptions, and pricing below.

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Antique clocks, shown with a wine bottle to indicate scale



"Charles Redcliffe of London" clock face with aged brass accent rings - Extra large 39" diameter

Available for sale - $475


"Paris Hotel" clock face with rust-patinaed iron accent ring - Large 30" diameter

Available for sale - $375


"B. Rossiter of Sheffield" clock face with aged brass accent rings - 24" diameter

SOLD - $275


"Gillett & Co., Croydon - London" clock face with rough-cast aged bronze frame - 18" diameter

Available for sale - $225

(Click any photo for a close-up view)


I've long been a fan of clocks, watches, and timepieces.  The set of clock projects shown above allows me to combine my love of woodworking with my interest in clocks, especially the reproduction antique clock faces seen here.  It also presents the opportunity to make use of a wide variety of amazing metal coatings and aged-patina solutions to give these clocks a truly antique appearance.

These projects begin with the purchase of reproduction antique clock faces and quartz clock movements.  The antique faces have extraordinary detailing and are usually replicas of clock faces from European or early American cities.  Unfortunately, the companies that make these faces don't typically add any frames or other interesting details to the give the clocks a substantial appearance - they tend to look a bit flimsy and cheap.  However, when I build frames for these faces and coat them with color-matched distressed finishes and/or metal accents, the completed timepieces look exceptional.  The painted frames are distressed with glazing, crackling, and "nicks and dings".  The metal-coated accent rings (using brass, bronze, copper, pewter, or iron) which are added to the frames are aged with patina solutions to give the appearance of decades of use.

Other antique clock face styles are available, many of them in stock, so if you are interested in these clock designs but don't see exactly what you need, please feel free to contact me for other options.

Approximate Dimensions

Sizes of the antique clock faces range from around 12" in diameter up to 31" in size.  The addition of the distressed and metal-coated frames increases the diameter by an extra 5 to 8 inches.  Specific sizes for the current clocks are shown in the photo captions above.

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Prices for the current clocks are shown in the photo captions above.  Please contact me for pricing on other clock face styles and sizes.

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