Formal Weather Stations    


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Bookmatched Walnut w/Gold Gauges


Black Cherry w/Beige Gauges

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These weather stations are an excellent gift and make a perfect addition to anyone's home.  The easy-to-read, large format gauges are nearly 4" in diameter.  Imported from Europe, the gauges include a thermometer, hygrometer, and barometer.  The front panel on which the gauges are mounted can be pivoted for better viewing when mounted on the wall.  You can select from three different gauge face colors:  white, beige, and gold.  As seen in the photos above, the face colors can be selected so they best complement the selected wood species.  Wood species such as walnut, cherry, or mahogany give a distinctly formal appearance to the weather stations shown on this page.

Approximate Dimensions

19" high, 8" wide, 5" deep

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$95 each.

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