Fireplace Flat Panel TV


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As part of the installation of this beautiful Cherry Corner Mantel in the client's home office, a high-definition flat panel TV was also wall-mounted above the mantel.  Prior to installing the various mantel components, a long HDMI cable was routed from the adjacent office closet, behind the cherry panels below the fireplace hearth, and then up inside the wall behind the right-side mantel pilaster.  A new electrical outlet was placed in the wall behind the TV so that all cabling for this installation remains fully hidden.  Finally, a custom mounting bracket was fabricated to keep this 40" Sony Bravia LCD TV a mere 1" away from the wall.  Now, accessing news or entertainment while working in the home office is a simple click away...

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Installation of concealed wiring for TV and home theater systems such as this one are highly dependent on what's inside the client's walls and how accessible those areas are - thus pricing can change as the project proceeds.  The cabling and flat-panel TV installation shown on this page, performed as part of the corner mantel installation, cost $450 in addition to the mantel costs.  This price includes the fabrication of the custom mounting bracket for TV.

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