Satellite Speaker Stands    


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Cherry Stands Customized for Polk Speakers


Alder Stands with Standard Top Platform


Cherry Stands Customized for Boston Acoustics Speakers

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One of the biggest challenges when installing a high-end home theater is making the speaker elements of the theater package blend into room.  In the case of rear surround speakers, this task is complicated by the fact that they should be positioned at the ear-level of the listeners in the room for optimal surround sound quality.  A number of mass produced, low budget speaker stands exist in the marketplace, but they are not furniture quality pieces and often cannot easily handle larger rear surround speakers.

The speaker stands shown in the rows of photos above have been designed and built to meet the needs of high-end home theater owners.  The upper platform of each speaker stand is L-shaped to hide the back of the speakers and provide a more cosmetically pleasing appearance.  Notice in the photo groups above how the upper platforms are sized and shaped to match the profile of the specific speakers being used.   The center column of each stand is hollow so that the speaker wires and power cords, if required, can be invisibly routed to the speakers.  Since the upper platform hides the back of each speaker, no wires are ever visible once these stands have been properly installed.  Finally, a wide base plate on these stands insures maximum stability.  Extra weight can be added in the bases to further solidify the stands and "acoustically anchor" the speakers themselves, thus improving sound quality.

Nearly any species of wood can be used when building these stands and they can be styled and finished to match other furniture items already in the room.  A precise template will be created from your rear surround speakers in order to craft the upper platform for the stands.

Approximate Dimensions

Size to match your rear surround speakers.  Stand height is typically 28" to 36" to the upper platform base.


$150 to $200+, depending on wood species, speaker specifications, and type of finish.

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