Cutting Aromatic Cedar    


Large sized cedar trees, especially those species that produce aromatic lumber, are not prevalent in North Georgia, so it's relatively rare to encounter the logs shown in the gallery below.  Due to it's pleasant aroma and insect repellent properties, this wood is excellent for use in wardrobe armoires, blanket chests, dressers, and other furniture used to store valuable clothing.

Photo Gallery

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The photo on the left shows the load of cedar logs as they arrived.  Even the simple process of cutting the logs to length releases the pleasant aroma hidden in this distinctive wood.  On the right, you can see one of the logs being sawn.  The deep red heart wood creates a fine layer of bright pink sawdust as this lumber is being cut.



These two photos show some details of the aromatic cedar lumber.  Since these trees never reach very large diameters, the lumber nearly always contains knots and irregularities.  When sawing this species, I cut very thick lumber (usually about 2") and later resaw it into thinner sections depending on the requirements of the furniture project.  This approach creates the highest lumber yield from this relatively scarce species.



On the left, you can see the thick cedar planks as they are loaded into the drying kiln.  You'll never encounter a more powerful (but still pleasant) aroma than when you open a 160 degree drying kiln full of aromatic cedar!!  The right photo shows the completed load of kiln dried cedar ready for use in furniture projects.

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