Ornate Corner Mantel

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(Click any photo for a close-up view)


This beautiful painted corner mantel was installed as part of a remodeling effort in a stunning master bedroom.  In addition to the intricately carved egg-and-dart cornice molding, framed panels along the fireplace base, the pilasters, and the mantel cornice provide plenty of architectural detail to this project.  These extra mantel design details tie in extremely well with the complex molding and millwork on the walls and vaulted ceiling of this master bedroom suite.  The mantel was painted to match the room's newly painted trim and molding during the redecoration activity.  The final result certainly creates quite a visual centerpiece to this lovely bedroom.

Approximate Dimensions

Mantels are tailored to the specific size of your fireplace.  Dimensions of all mantel elements, including the pilasters (columns), frieze, cornice, and mantel shelf can all be adjusted to suit your needs.

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Pricing is based on mantel size and materials used.  Please contact me for a quote.  The price for this ornate painted corner mantel was $1,350, including installation.

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