Maple Fireplace Mantel    


(Click photo for a close-up view)


This contemporary maple fireplace mantel incorporates clean, simple lines and design elements.  It's installed around a gas-log fireplace.  Due to the large variations in temperature and humidity that occur around a fireplace, make sure that you select a mantel design and a builder that can accommodate these relatively harsh conditions.  Wood expands and contracts because of these changes, so proper joinery techniques are critical in mantel construction.

Approximate Dimensions

Mantels are tailored to the specific size of your fireplace.  Dimensions of all mantel elements, including the pilasters (columns), frieze, cornice, and mantel shelf can all be adjusted to suit your needs.

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Pricing is based on mantel size and materials used.  Please contact me for a quote.  The price for this simple maple mantel was $560, including installation.

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