Bubinga Veneered Mantel & Plasma TV Enclosure

(Click any photo for a close-up view)



(Click any photo for a close-up view)


This project started with two key requirements from the client:  1) create a very contemporary mantel and a set of segmented overmantel panels extending up to the ceiling in the living room of this modern townhome; and 2) conceal a large plasma TV behind the overmantel panels without any visible hardware to give away the presence of the TV.  Using some clever engineering, a variety of specialized functional hardware (articulated door hinges and tilting TV mounting bracket), and some beautiful figured bubinga veneer, both of these goals were achieved and this completed mantel became the centerpiece of this room.

As seen in the photos above, the clean simple lines of the mantel and overmantel elements have been combined with some gorgeous mottled bubinga veneer, which was applied to all visible surfaces.  Aniline dyes were used to darken the natural appearance of the bubinga to a deep mahogany-red without concealing any of the unique grain figuring (traditional wood stains would have ruined the veneer by clouding the figure).  A rigid inner cabinet box was constructed to support the weight of the large plasma screen and secure the entire assembly in front of the metal chimney extending up from the gas fireplace.  The large veneered door panels that conceal the TV utilize articulating doors hinges which open a full 170 degrees and yet keep the doors flush with the wall when closed.  Pressure latches and magnetic catches allow the doors to be opened with a simple push and eliminate the need for door handles.  Finally, since the large plasma TV is mounted so high on the wall, a tilt-mount bracket was employed to optimize the viewing angle when seated on the couches in the room.

Approximate Dimensions

Mantels are tailored to the specific size of your fireplace.  Dimensions of all mantel elements, including the pilasters (columns), frieze, cornice, and mantel shelf can all be adjusted to suit your needs.

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Pricing is based on mantel size and materials used.  Please contact me for a quote.  The price for this contemporary bubinga veneered mantel was $2,250, including installation and wiring of the plasma TV.

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