Mahogany & Onyx Fireplace Mantel

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(Click any photo for a close-up view)


Soon after the completion of the Mahogany & Onyx Kitchen Countertops project, the client envisioned the use of a similar theme (incorporating mahogany and illuminated onyx) for the fireplace mantel in the adjoining great room.  A very contemporary design, with clean simple lines and minimal molding details, was created for this project.  The desire was to create the appearance of large glowing monolithic blocks of onyx which have been wrapped and surrounded by wooden mahogany elements.  Though not actually constructed that way, because lighting elements have to be installed inside the onyx sections, the completed mantel does convey that sense of massive stone elements ensconced in a wood surround.  The stone fabricators performed a nearly flawless job of miter-folding the tall pilaster components so that, although they are hollow, they appear to be solid columns of onyx.

After receiving all the stone elements from the fabricators, I inserted the internal lighting fixtures and then installed the mantel components in the client's home.  The lighting, which is controlled by a hidden three-level touch dimmer, illuminates the large pilaster columns, the wing-shaped "windows" in the frieze portion of the mantel, and the small keystone-shaped piece of onyx in the center.  In a darkened room with the fireplace burning, the combined effect is breathtaking.  The final photo in the above collection depicts the view of the mantel from the adjoining kitchen, with the matching mahogany and onyx countertops.

Approximate Dimensions

This mantel is 88" wide, 62" tall, and 6" deep.

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This fireplace mantel continued the "figured mahogany and lighted stone" trend with this client, for whom multiple projects have been completed that incorporate mahogany lumber and other materials such as stone/glass.  Check out the Mahogany & Onyx Kitchen Countertops and the Mahogany & Curly Maple Dining Buffet for other projects which follow this stunning mahogany theme.  For other mantel projects, please visit the Fireplace Mantels page.  To see other contemporary styled projects, please visit the Contemporary page.


Mantel project costs can vary widely, based on their size, materials used, and degree of woodworking detail incorporated into the design.  In this case, the final project cost, including removal of the old mantel, fabrication of all wood elements, insertion of all lighting components, running a concealed electrical feed for the mantel lighting, and final installation of all stone and wood elements was $2600.  Costs for the onyx stone components are not included in this pricing.

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