Porcelain Tiled Coffee Table

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Custom-built for the client's living room, this large coffee table is designed to blend together seamlessly with the contemporary furniture in the room.  As is often the case, the client had purchase some beautiful contemporary wood/leather couches from a European manufacturer, but couldn't find a properly sized coffee table that met their needs.  A custom table was required, which also opened the doors, creatively speaking, to choose some interesting materials for use in this oversized coffee table.  Specifically, the client had located some stunning porcelain tiles with a lightly iridescent glazing, and the coloring of these tiles worked very well with the furnishings in the room.  So a tile-topped table emerged from the design process, with a wooden perimeter and simple, angular leg designs that match the adjacent leather couches.

Other design elements link the coffee table with the couches and other furniture.  European beech was selected for the table since this material was used on the wooden elements of the couches.  Further, the leg assemblies of the table were veneered with European beech and the edges were left with visible exposed laminations, which mimics the construction of the couches as well.  Finally, the color and tone of the couches were duplicated when the finish was applied to the wooden elements of the coffee table.  All in all, the process resulted in a unique coffee table that can be used by family and guests when seated in this stylish living room.

Subsequent to the construction and delivery of tiled coffee table (seen in the top row of photos), the client requested the construction of a removable pedestal for the center of the table top.  Banded in solid European beech, the center panel of this pedestal is "reversible" and is veneered on one side with birdseye maple and walnut burl on the other side.  This cleverly designed accessory gives the pedestal two entirely different looks and can be easily switched by the client.  As seen in the bottom row of photos, the pedestal can be placed in the center of the coffee table and used as an elevated surface on which food trays and dishes can be placed, while still leaving room around the perimeter of the table for guests to place their plates and glasses.

Approximate Dimensions

76" long, 30" wide, and 20" tall.

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$1680 for the coffee table shown above, not including the price for the porcelain tiles used on the table top.  The additional veneered pedestal was $350.

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