Birdseye Maple & Ebony TV Stand


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This custom maple TV stand was designed to perfectly fit a large rear-projection Samsung DLP television, similar to the matching stands sold by the manufacturer but with a far more upscale appearance.  To match some of the other furnishings in the room, a maple cabinet was constructed with a clear finish to preserve the natural warm tones of the lumber.  The face of the TV stand was accented with the application of highly figured birdseye maple veneer and an inset band of Macassar ebony veneer.  This added detailing turns what would otherwise be a plain-vanilla stand into a piece with just the right amount of flair.

In addition to supporting the large projection TV, the enclosed portion of the stand houses AV components such as a receiver, DVD player, etc.  The entire cabinet rests on a set of hidden casters, thus providing convenient access to the rear of the stand when wiring needs to be changed.

Approximate Dimensions

46" wide, 20" tall, and 20" deep.

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$490 for the maple TV stand shown above.  Prices for other lumber species will vary.

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